Clear and accurate financial reporting is of vital importance in real estate decision making. MacLaughlin Consulting delivers that high quality reporting for you and ensures reliable financial statements, in time and audit-proof. We fulfill all specific reporting needs and requirements at every level of reporting for every kind of entity (i.e. property and top companies, financing vehicles). We develop consolidation packages by structurised templates, meeting your management information needs. Depending on your reporting cycle and timeframes we deliver quality controlled output with meeting deadlines. We anticipate what is needed. During the ongoing reporting cycle and periodic external audits we closely work together with your auditors and other advisors.

All annual financial statements are prepared following the applicable local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) regulations and any other mandatory standards, such as IFRS, depending on country laws that apply to your company. We always make sure that we possess knowledge of latest versions of most common GAAP’s. Obviously, we consider providing any additional information or explanations to auditors as a standard part of our reporting services. Please, find out what level of professional financial reporting would be helpful for your company and your real estate structures.

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