Customer Care

At MacLaughlin Consulting we build long standing relationships with our clients. The majority of our clients are non-listed privately held real estate investment companies. Most of our clients’ headquarters are seated in Europe, but we work for clients all around the world.

Our customer care is built on our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Custom-fit services and transparent service agreements
  • Flexible, high availability
  • Independence and objectivity
  • All client portfolios are being hands-on managed by executive directors.
  • We aim to contribute to the goals of our clients by delivering excellent services.

We feel a major responsibility to deliver our services at the highest level of quality and reliability. All teammembers at MacLaughlin Consulting realize every day that our core values represent our key word: client awareness. Our services ensure proactive advice to help you in being and remaining in total financial control of your real estate investments. To make sure that we can contribute optimally to your interest, we work closely together with external parties like asset and property managers, accountants, lawyers, and tax advisors when needed. We believe that the independence of our company is of great value to our clients. Want to experience our customer care? We stand ready to work with you.

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