In addition to our accounting and reporting services MacLaughlin Consulting offers administrative services. Apart from our obligation to have the relevant legal documents in place to deliver our services, we also can be your guard of all legal digital documents and help you keeping them up-to-date. We provide management of all legal documents of your structures and entities. Many of those documents are mandatory (KYC and UBO process). As your service provider we have to meet international laws and regulations.

Accordingly, we can advise you how to incorporate procedures in order to comply to the same laws and regulations in order to reduce risks (i.e. Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act). MacLaughlin Consulting believes that both client and service provider share the same responsibility in this. We offer these administrative services in addition to our accounting, reporting and controlling services. We usually do not provide these as a stand-alone option, it is part of the service package we deliver.

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